Abstract Art Inspired by Music

Tango & Electronica by Alison Pilkington

One of my favourite abstract artists is the British painter Alison Pilkington. After experimenting with various subjects, she discovered that her greatest inspiration came from music. Her abstract compositions started to reflect the style of music she was listening to while she painted.

Alison captures the musical movement, rhythms and sounds spontaneously on the canvas, using acrylic paint so she doesn’t have to wait for the paint to dry. And translates the sounds she both hears and feels into a visual movement on the canvas in  a method she terms “Musical Interpretation”.

She creates visual interpretations of a range of musical styles: Pop, Latin American, Classical. Each painting generates an immense sense of the emotions evoked by the music whether it’s joy, frivolity, passion or sadness.

Viewing one of her paintings, whilst listening to the musical piece that inspired it, is a truly wonderful artistic experience.

Immerse yourself in her artistic world by looking at the image of “Tango & Electronica” and listening to the Argentinian Tango music of Orquesta Del Plata.

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